Introductory Climbing Class

Our Introductory Climbing Class is the perfect place to start successfully indoor climbing safely and quickly.


Your course will include

- aims to provide you with the basics you need

  to start climbing more efficiently, allowing you

  to have fun while developing a solid foundation

  for further improvement.



One hour per session.

1 Person               : $400

2 Person               : $300 per head

3 Person or above  : $250per head

* participants would enjoy a FREE ALL-DAY PASS for the remainder of the day after the  lesson. 


Learn the basics of climbing, meet new people, and join our local climbing community!

Movement I & II

Movement I: For Beginner to Intermediate Climbers

Not sure what to do next? Movement I is designed for beginner to intermediate climbers looking to improve technique and gain confidence on the wall. You’ll get a thorough introduction to climbing technique and rock vocabulary.


The lesson covers everything from bouldering terminology to energy saving tips and tricks, and techniques for better body positioning. We’ve designed the lesson to help you maximize your climbing experience: more fun and more fitness. This class will give you the tools and techniques to propel your climbing to the next level.


Movement II : For Intermediate Climbers

Movement II is designed for intermediate climbers and builds on the techniques covered in Movement I. You’ll move more efficiently up the rock, read routes better, and learn to train and improve your strength.  You’ll also learn different ways to train and improve your strength.


It is a 4-session course, ONE hour per session. 

1 Person Course: $1600 per head

2 Person Course: $1400 per head

3-6 Person Course: $1200 per head

* Must finished within 6 months


Fun Kids Climbing Course

Kids Love To Climb!


ATTIC V is committed to providing a high level instruction to young climbers.  From exploring the sport & climbing progression up to competition level.  We strive to provide programme for ever child at every level of development.


Benefits of Climbing:

- Increase self-confidence

- Improve balance and hand-eye coordination

- Improve concentration and focus

- Setting and achieving goals

- Develop and Improve analytical skill

- Building physical strength



It is a one hour session course

Option 1: Four Session Cost - $1,000/head/hour (including climbing shoes)

Option 2: Eight Session Cost - $1,800/head/hour (including climbing shoes)







Birthday Party / Private Party / Staff Events



Looking for something special to celebrate your birthday or have fun with a group of friends and experience rock climbing,i? Look no further, we can help you organise a fun and unique party at the wall!


Package includes:

- basic climbing instruction (basic techniques, safety & clmbing gear)

- whole climbing gym

- catering at additional costs.  Can bring your own food and drinks.



* Age 6 and up

* 48" Samsung Smart TV as projector


Our staff will be happy to customize your booking to suit your needs.