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Become a part of the ATTIC V community. If you're doing a lot of climbing or you want

to train regularly or just want to get the most out of ATTIC V, then membership is the 

way to go.


Our rates and membership programs are designed to give you choices.

We accept walk-ins since booking is only necessary if you would like to have a climbing lesson.


           ALL-DAY PASS : Adult (18 or above)     - HKD 150/ Head;
                                         Student aged under 18 - HKD 130/ Head


Buy a daypass and climb at ATTIC V as long as you want all day. Even leave and come back later.

IMG_1821 2.jpg
           10 VISITS, PERSONAL PASS :   Adult - HKD 600;
                                                                  Student aged 18 or above - HKD 550; 
                                                                  Student aged Under 18 - HKD 450

* Valid for 2 months only


If all 10 visits are used up before the end of the first month, additional visits for the rest of the first month will be free.

IMG_1822 2.jpg
           10 VISITS, SHARED PASS :   HKD 1,300

* Valid for 3 months only


An easy & flexible option -  You can share one punch card with your friends.

           5 VISITS, SHARED PASS : HKD 680


* Valid for 1 month only


Climbing Shoes Rental                   : HKD 30/pairs
Chalk Bag Rental                          : HKD 30/day
Climbing Shoes + Chalk Bag Rental: HKD 50/day

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